Oliva Amsterdam

The sweet-spot between a delicious Italian menu and the best events in town is where you find Oliva. A newly rebooted nightclub located in the heart of Amsterdam looking to stand out from the crowded nightclub scene.

Branding — Brand collaterals — Visual Identity — Environmentals — Awareness campaign

Drawing inspiration from classic italian culture, we came across the italian greyhound, a companion dog that's long been popular with nobility and royalty. This proud yet cheeky animal resonated well with the spirit of the club, and was made into a strong and easily recognisable logo.

We created a versatile identity with the primary goal to leave a lasting impression on visitors, both in the digital and physical environment. The logo that can be made into a pattern, in combination with the simplicity of the high contrast colors stands out as a loud and unique brand.

In addition to the brand-strategy and visual identity, we created a brand awareness campaign that was rolled out across the city, receiving a lot of positive attention.


  • Year — 2019
  • Client — Oliva Amsterdam
  • Agency — Bravoure
  • Role — Brand design, Visual design
  • Digital Platform — Kalok Yeung

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